eBook launch website: How to get out of the fog

Project overview:

In 2023, Tatiana published her first book, “How To Get Out Of The Fog”. A website was quickly created in preparation for the launch. However, upon reflection, Tatiana recognised the need for a more refined online presence. Her goal was to simplify the website’s content and enhance its design to create a modern, inviting platform that would effectively showcase her remarkable book and, in turn, boost sales.

The Solution:

To breathe new life into the “How To Get Out Of The Fog” website, we embarked on a redesign journey. Our first step was a visual overhaul, introducing a refreshed colour scheme and a design that created a feeling of airiness. The objective was to create a modern and visually appealing website that aligns seamlessly with the book’s essence.

In addition to the design enhancements, we undertook a comprehensive rewriting of the existing content. Our goal was to ensure that the website effectively summarised the books key messages and made navigation effortless for visitors. By simplifying the text and streamlining the information, we created a user-friendly experience that encourages exploration.

The end result is a website that not only showcases Tatiana’s exceptional book but also serves as a platform that is aesthetically pleasing, modern, and designed to drive sales. It offers visitors an engaging journey into the heart of the book’s message.

Visit the Website: How To Get Out Of The Fog

Client testimonial:

“Nadia has done an amazing job recreating my website. I was impressed by her suggestions and attention to detail. I highly recommend Nadia as she consistently delivers her work on time, making her reliable and professional to work with.”
Tatiana Slezak
Author and Entrepreneur

Screenshots before:

Screenshots after:

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