Toczek Counselling: Website design and development

Project overview:

The client, a counsellor, had an existing website that allowed for bookings but lacked the depth of information needed to convey her services effectively. Her goal was to redesign the website, and to include new information she wrote about her counselling practice and her supervision offerings, all while ensuring an intuitive user experience.

The Solution:

To achieve this, I began by creating a sketch design using Figma. After presenting the initial design to the client and incorporating her feedback, I proceeded to implement the finalised design onto the existing website. It’s worth noting that, due to the limitations of the site builder (site123), there were some constraints on the level of creativity we could implement. This illustrates the importance of choosing the right website builder that aligns with your vision.

The end result was a multi-page website that serves as a comprehensive resource for visitors. It now features an in-depth overview of our client’s background, counselling services, and supervision offerings. Additionally, we designed a booking section that is both clear and concise, making it easy for visitors to schedule appointments.

Visit the Website Toczek Counselling.

Client testimonial:

“Nadia is a promising and talented young entrepreneur with a bright future ahead. She is easy to work with, technology-savvy, creative, and full of good ideas that she is happy to share. I would highly recommend her if you are thinking about developing a website.”
Patrycja Toczek
Toczek Counselling


If you’d like to explore more of our work or discuss how we can help you elevate your online presence, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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